Tortured Existence (re-issue)

: CD

Featured musician’s review by John Kevill (vocals) / WARBRINGER:

“For me DEMOLITION HAMMER represents the most sheer brute force that you can have in thrash metal. Especially “Tortured Existence” is a real masterpiece. It has the brutality and sheer crush-factor of early death metal, combined with the ferocity and energy of the best thrash metal. It's riff after riff of pure assaulting destruction, with some of the heaviest and most savage drum work around, too. In addition to being really, really heavy, the band also manages to keep the songs memorable, with plenty of great vocal hooks and catchy riffs, which for me elevates it into the realm of a truly outstanding thrash metal band. Definitely worth checking out for anyone interested in brutal, aggressive music at all. It's pretty much the heaviest thing ever in my book.”

Titel Tortured Existence (re-issue)
Demolition Hammer
Century Media Records

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