In The Minds Of Evil

: Deicide
: CD
: 25.11.2013

The legendary Godkillers from Florida return with a vengeance and present 11 new tracks of pure and utter blasphemy!

Where others just drown in the mediocrity of today’s metal scene, DEICIDE hold the banner of relentless, brutal, evil and satanic death metal high. “In The Minds Of Evil” – the band’s 11th studio album – is another brilliant example of supreme US death metal as you don’t hear it very often anymore these days. It’s the merciless drumming, the gut wrenching riffs, the shrieking yet melodic solos and the buzz-sawing bass which will nail you to the ground while Mr. Benton roars in your face like Nero’s fiercest lion … all that make DEICIDE stand above the rest since the release of the band’s self-titled debut album in 1990.

Produced by Jason Suecof (Trivium, Atheist, Death Angel, The Black Dahlia Murder etc.) „In The Minds Of Evil” makes no exception and guarantees flawlessly executed unholy death metal!

Titel In The Minds Of Evil
Century Media Records