Live With Intronaut (Ltd. Edition CD Digipak)

: Cloudkicker
: CD
: 24.11.2014
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First of all this is NOT a live album, at least not one recorded in front of an audience. It’s a live-in-the-studio album and offers the entire set solo artist CLOUDKICKER played on his 2014 US tour – the first he ever did – with well-known post metal/prog act INTRONAUT as backing band. A unique sonic testament to a highly successful tour by prog’s most enigmatic artist who gathered legions of fans via his self-released EPs and albums.

Titel Live With Intronaut (Ltd. Edition CD Digipak)
Century Media Records

01. Subsume Part 1 (04:35)
02. Subsume Part 2 (05:08)
03. We are going to invert.../Here, wait a minute, damn it! (02:21)
04. We're goin' in, we're going down. (05:06)
05. Seriosity (04:53)
06. You and yours (05:11)
07. Dysphoria (05:21)
08. Subsume Part 8 (04:32)
09. Push it way up! (06:42)