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: Caliban
: CD
: 25.03.2016
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With 2014’s “Ghost Empire”, CALIBAN reached a new level of success mounting in cracking the top ten in their native Germany and charting at #7! On the back of that, it might be surprising at first that “Gravity” now sees the band plunging into darkness. The production approach wasn’t too different from the previous two albums, “I Am Nemesis” and “Ghost Empire”, with small, but crucial exceptions: First and foremost frontman Andreas Dörner added in more melodic shouts, second CALIBAN paid a lot of attention to the guitar sound which turned out more aggressive than on any other CALIBAN album. For the overall sound guitarist Marcel Görtz combined the roughness and grittiness of “I Am Nemesis” with the punch of “Ghost Empire” which made the melodies on the album stand out even more. The result is a constantly gloomier, heavier opus with stunning tracks such as “Mein Schwarzes Herz”, “Paralyzed”, the vicious “Left For Dead”, or the intense duet “The Ocean’s Heart” featuring none less than Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) as guest vocalist. Further guests are Jamie Graham (Heart Of A Coward) on “Crystal Skies” as well as Dream On Dreamer’s Zachary Britt and Marcel Gadacz on “Inferno”, Gadacz left his mark on the record also by creating its striking artwork, which rounds off an incredibly strong new album.

Titel Gravity
Standard CD Jewelcase [CD]
Century Media Records

Disc 1
01. Paralyzed (04:29)
02. Mein schwarzes Herz (03:01)
03. Who I Am (04:12)
04. Left For Dead (03:24)
05. Crystal Skies (03:32)
06. Walk Alone (04:11)
07. The Ocean's Heart (03:54)
08. brOKen (04:07)
09. For We Are Forever (03:39)
10. Inferno (03:38)
11. No Dream Without A Sacrifice (03:54)
12. Hurricane (03:41)
Ghost Empire by Caliban CD 27.01.2014
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Gravity by Caliban Standard CD Jewelcase 25.03.2016
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