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: 27.10.2017
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Named after the song „Butcher Baby“ by the Plasmatics, LA’s BUTCHER BABIES present their third studio album, “Lillith”, which is destined to continue the band’s increasing global success. Fronted by two of the “Hottest Women In Rock “ (Revolver Mag), Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, the BUTCHER BABIES hit hard with crushing metallic grooves backed with extremely catchy hooks and highly aggressive shouts. Since the band’s debut “Goliath” in 2013, BUTCHER BABIES have polarised and developed into a love/hate act to many. Songs like “Monster’s Ball” from the band’s second record “Take It Like A Man” have scored 6 million YouTube plays while media either bashed or hailed the group. For the BUTCHER BABIES that makes no big difference since their fellowship and fan support has been growing constantly and brought notable commercial success, too. Produced by Steve Evetts (Hatebreed, Suicide Silence, Misfits) and mastered by Alan Douches (Killswitch Engage, Cannibal Corpse), “Lillith” will give the haters more ammunition to sneer at and the fans an energetic and exciting reason to celebrate. The CD includes the songs from the “Uncovered EP” as bonus!

Titel Lilith
Butcher Babies
Standard CD Jewelcase [CD]
Century Media Records

Disc 1
01. Burn The Straw Man (04:05)
02. Lilith (03:27)
03. Headspin (03:32)
04. Korova (04:05)
05. #iwokeuplikethis (03:01)
06. The Huntsman (03:06)
07. Controller (03:04)
08. Oceana (03:32)
09. Look What We've Done (03:35)
10. POMONA (Shit Happens) (03:13)
11. Underground and Overrated (03:59)
12. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (02:54)
13. They're Coming To Take Me Away (03:16)
14. Don't Give A Fuck (02:22)
15. Crazy Horses (02:55)
16. Pussy Whipped (02:33)
Lilith by Butcher Babies Standard CD Jewelcase 27.10.2017
7,99 €
incl. VAT excl. shipping costs
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