It All Ends (Ltd. CD Digipak)

: Black Temple
: CD
: 28.08.2015
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It All Ends” is an intense album with impressive dynamics and the first collaboration between Anders Friden's Razzia Notes label and Century Media Records. With Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) producing the band, which has been called Sweden’s most violent live act, dare to examine unexplored land. Primitive aggression meets immediate melodies performed with an ever-present feeling that every note could be their last. The end may be near, but "It All Ends" is just the beginning. An amazing, brick-heavy piece of noisy rock!

Titel It All Ends (Ltd. CD Digipak)
Black Temple
Century Media Records

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01. Unlikely Event (03:01)
02. Acid Rain (03:20)
03. Great Things (03:43)
04. Difficult Journey (03:38)
05. Oncoming Fire (05:49)
06. Lowpoints (04:06)
07. Sleep With The Stars (03:40)
08. 100 Years (04:13)
09. Sleepy River (05:21)