Feathers & Flesh

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: CD
: 13.05.2016
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A dark, twisted circus sideshow that’s built around bombastically grooving melodic death n’ roll is swinging forward with captivating glee, mesmerizing merriment and the plundering power of lethal pirates toward those brave souls who hand over a ticket to be torn by AVATAR. Formed back in 2001, Gothenburg’s AVATAR has found a footing that combines the best of rock n’ roll, hard rock and heavy metal’s past, present and future into an overall artistic presentation that is thought-provoking, challenging and altogether enchantingly electric. With the grandiose showmanship of American professional wrestling, the snake oil salesmanship of early 20th century vaudevillian troubadours and the kinetically superheroic power of early Kiss, AVATAR lays waste to lesser mortals with ease. Whether somebody gets their rocks off listening to Satyricon or System of a Down, they’ll find something suitably deranged here. From the epic opening “Regret” over “House Of Eternal Hunt” with its Maiden-licks to the two minute long eruption “For The Swarm”, the darker and moody “Black Waters” as well as the dynamic “One More Hill”, AVATAR’s newest album is chock ful with surprises and addictive insanity. The Limited Edition CD+DVD digipak offers two additional audio bonus tracks as well as a DVD incl. AVATAR Live @ Wacken 2015!

Titel Feathers & Flesh
Ltd. CD+DVD Digipak [CD]
Another Century

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Disc 1
01. Regret (02:01)
02. House Of Eternal Hunt (04:58)
03. The Eagle Has Landed (05:01)
04. New Land (04:31)
05. Tooth, Beak & Claw (04:25)
06. For The Swarm (01:54)
07. Fiddler’s Farewell (04:57)
08. One More Hill (04:13)
09. Black Waters (05:38)
10. Night Never Ending (03:32)
11. Pray The Sun Away (05:30)
12. When The Snow Lies Red (05:16)
13. Raven Wine (04:36)
14. Sky Burial (06:54)
15. I’ve Got Something In My Front Pocket For You (01:17)
16. Det Är Alldeles Försent (03:08)
Disc 2
01. Intro (00:55)
02. Hail The Apocalypse (04:35)
03. Let It Burn (04:00)
04. Get In Line (04:50)
05. Bloody Angel (06:00)
06. Vultures Fly (05:10)
07. Paint Me Red (06:50)
08. Smells Like A Freakshow (09:55)
Feathers & Flesh by Avatar Ltd. CD+DVD Digipak 13.05.2016
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