Art Of Anarchy (Ltd. CD Digipak)

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: 08.06.2015
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US rockers ART OF ANARCHY define “rock supergroup” with star power, an all-or-nothing attitude and bring-down-the-house performances. Consisting of Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), Bumblefoot (Guns N‘ Roses), John Moyer (Disturbed), Jon Votta and Vince Votta, this stellar line-up delivers passionate and rousing rock anthems blessed with flawless songwriting, Weiland’s gritty and powerful voice and also shines in ballads such as the amazing single “‘Till The Dust Is Gone”. Formed by the Votta brothers as a result from a friendship with Bumblefoot, ART OF ANARCHY erase all doubts one might have towards so-called supergroups within a split second with sheer class and impact, a true sensational debut release on Century Media’s Another Century Imprint.

Titel Art Of Anarchy (Ltd. CD Digipak)
Art Of Anarchy
Another Century

01. Black Rain (00:47)
02. Small Batch Whisky (04:46)
03. Time Everytime (04:19)
04. Get On Down (04:05)
05. Grand Applause (04:46)
06. Til The Dust Is Gone (05:14)
07. Death Of It (04:12)
08. Superstar (04:11)
09. Aqualung (04:05)
10. Long Ago (03:52)
11. The Drift (05:09)
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