Fear Those Who Fear Him

Gatefold white LP+CD

: Vallenfyre
: LP + CD
: 02.06.2017
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Death, doom, grind, crust – such are the stylistic ingredients VALLENFYRE combine to astonishing results since 2011’s “A Fragile King”. Recorded by the band’s new core line-up consisting of Gregor Mackintosh (vocals and guitar / Paradise Lost), Hamish Glencross (guitar and bass / ex My Dying Bride) and Waltteri Väyrynen (drums / Paradise Lost, Abhorrence), the band’s third album, “Fear Those Who Fear Him” (2017), was once again produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge,Nails,etc.) at GodCity Studio in Salem, MA and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Beastmilk, YOB) at Audiosiege Mastering in Portland, OR. “Most bands refine their sound over the first 2 or 3 albums, becoming more technically adept and honing their craft,” says Mackintosh. “VALLENFYRE have done almost exactly the opposite. We have devolved, made things simpler and crush most of the melody under swathes of rotting noise. From “A Fragile King” to “Splinters” and now to “Fear Those Who Fear Him”, we have become more savage, more raw and less compromising!” Retaining the band’s trademark sound inspired by the likes of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Autopsy, Antisect, Discharge, Nihilist, early Napalm Death, and Conflict, “Fear Those Who Fear Him” contains a dose of utterly grim doom monuments like ‘An Apathetic Grave’, ‘The Merciless Tide’ and ‘Cursed From The Womb’ as well as unapologetic two minute short attacks such as ‘Nihilist’, ‘Messiah’ or ‘Kill All Your Masters’. In between you will discover the punishing groove of ‘Amongst The Filth’ and ‘Degeneration’ as well as crusty death metal beasts like ‘Soldier Of Christ’ or ‘Temple Of Rats’. “Twelve songs. No samples. No triggers. No bullshit.” Mackintosh sums up perfectly what one can expect from this album. “Instead you get crucifyingly loud amps, ferocious drumming, and vicious vocals spitting out hate and venom. Raw honest brutality. No conformity. No compromise. A murderous nightmare vomiting poisonous bile onto a twisted world.”

Titel Fear Those Who Fear Him
Gatefold white LP+CD [LP + CD]
Century Media Records

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Fear Those Who Fear Him by Vallenfyre Ltd. CD Digipak 02.06.2017
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Fear Those Who Fear Him by Vallenfyre Gatefold black LP+CD 02.06.2017
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