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: Unearth
: CD
: 23.11.2018
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UNEARTH belong to the most renowned American metal acts to emerge in the late 90’s/early 2000s uniting a Pantera-like groove, elements of hardcore, the fist-pumping anthemic power of traditional metal and melodic death metal. Now, the band finally reveals the follow-up to 2014 “Watchers Of Rule”, entitled “Extinction(s)” already its first single “Incinerate” caused quite a stir with fans and media celebrating this much anticipated sign of life. The band’s 2018 offering is a 38 minutes long barrage of riffs, hooks, punishing grooves and vitriolic aggression that is as uncompromising, outspoken and intense as you would come to expect from this UNEARTH who release the album on time with the group’s 20th anniversary. Available as orange LP+CD, CD and digital album.

Titel Extinction(s)
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Disc 1
01. Incinerate (03:59)
02. Dust (03:53)
03. Survivalist (04:14)
04. Cultivation Of Infection (03:54)
05. The Hunt Begins (03:55)
06. Hard Lined Downfall (03:11)
07. King Of The Arctic (04:00)
08. Sidewinder (02:51)
09. No Reprisal (03:21)
10. One With The Sun (04:38)
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Watchers Of Rule by Unearth CD 03.11.2014
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