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The Astral Sleep (Re-issue 2015) (white LP)

: Tiamat
: LP
: 11.05.2015

Limited to 200 copies!

Originally released in 1991, "The Astral Sleep“ is Swedish act TIAMAT’s second album and a true masterpiece of forward-thinking death metal exploring doomier and sinister, atmospheric territories rather than attempting at being the most brutal band in the world. An immortal classic of the genre and first step towards the diverse and highly influential milestone “Wildhoney” released only three years later to immense global success. This 2015 reissue is based on the original vinyl pressing yet adds the 1991 CD-bonus track “A Winter Shadow” and was specially mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Grave, Dissection, Massacra). It comes on 180g vinyl with printed innersleeve and full-colour labels. A beautiful edition of a morbidly beautiful album!

Titel The Astral Sleep (Re-issue 2015) (white LP)
Century Media Records

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