Cursed (re-issue + Bonus)

: Morgoth
: CD

This is THE German death metal classic from 1991 and a masterly crafted album uniting straight-forward aggression with sinister atmospheric elements that enabled “Cursed” to stick out from the mass of death metal releases hitting the scene in the early 90’s and nicely differed from the US or Scandinavian traditions also due to being recorded in the legendary Woodhouse studio. Where other acts strived for getting more speedy and technical, MORGOTH refused and concentrated on getting darker and more oppressive. From up-tempo assaults such as “Body Count” over to gloomy, thundering epic tracks as “Exit To Temptation” or “Opportunity Is Gone” with the trademark killer riffing, “Cursed” has lost none of its brilliance to the very day!

Titel Cursed (re-issue + Bonus)
Century Media Records

Cursed To Live by Morgoth CD 25.06.2012
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Ungod by Morgoth CD 30.03.2015
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