Year Of The Goat (splattered clear/black/lilac 3LP)

: Morbid
: LP - Boxset
: 19.11.2012

The definite MORBID release. 100% official. For the first time. For the last time ...

Over 2 decades after the sad demise of Per Yngve Ohlin (better known as “Dead”) Century Media Records released “Year Of The Goat”, a historical anthology of Swedish death and black metal pioneers MORBID. Created in close cooperation with the band's past members and featuring an extensive interview with Dr. Schitz (taken from Slayer Mag), a historical overview written by Daniel Ekeroth (author of "Swedish Death Metal") as well as stunning artwork and layout by Erik Danielsson of WATAIN, "Year Of The Goat" is an essential lesson in Swedish metal violence.

Titel Year Of The Goat (splattered clear/black/lilac 3LP)
[LP - Boxset]
Century Media Records