Back From Beyond

: Massacre
: CD
: 24.03.2014
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Legendary Florida Death Metal pioneers MASSACRE have returned with their first studio album in almost 20 years!

“Back From Beyond” is classic no-nonsense Florida death metal written over the last couple years. It comes on the heels of the two-song 7" “Condemned To The Shadows” (2012), hitting hard and heavy with huge riffs and massive grooves, reminiscent of early Death or classic Slayer and clearly heading home to MASSACRE’s original sound approach. "That's Rick's writing style," bassist Terry Butler says of the Death comparison. "He co-wrote a lot of the songs on “Leprosy” (1988), so he has that Slayer / Death '80s death metal feel. That's totally what we're into. I co-wrote songs for Death's “Spiritual Healing” (1990), so that writing style is there. It's the style we grew up with and it's in our souls. We wanted to put something out that's true to MASSACRE; a bit of thrash thrown in with death metal. We basically wanted to do a modern version of “From Beyond”. I hope we've accomplished that."

Illustrious line-up featuring Rick Rozz (Guitars, ex Mantas / Death), Terry Butler (Bass, Obituary, ex Death / Six Feet Under), Ed Webb (Vocals, ex Diabolic / Eulogy) and Mike Mazzonetto (Drums, ex Pain Principle).

Artwork by Toshihiro Egawa (Cryptopsy, Krisiun, Devourment).

Titel Back From Beyond
Century Media Records

01. The Ancient Ones (01:04)
02. As We Wait To Die (03:30)
03. Ascension Of The Deceased (03:19)
04. Hunter’s Blood (03:21)
05. Darkness Fell (02:59)
06. False Revelation (03:55)
07. Succumb To Rapture (03:33)
08. Remnants Of Hatred (02:29)
09. Shield Of The Son (03:51)
10. The Evil Within (03:34)
11. Sands Of Time (02:42)
12. Beast With Vengeance (03:16)
13. Back From Beyond (04:39)
14. Honor The Fallen (03:16)
Back From Beyond by Massacre CD 24.03.2014
12,99 €
incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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