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About Time

Gatefold clear LP

: Horisont
: LP
: 03.02.2017

Limited to 100 copies!

Ready for 2017’s first hard rock highlight? Sweden’s HORISONT present a sheer fantastic blend of classic rock on their fifth opus “About Time”! From the Montrose-tinged rumble of the opening “The Hive” and the sharp, new wave shades and psych rock pulse of “Electrical” through the insistent, lysergic, Lizzy-esque boogie of “Night Line” and the sumptuous, tripped-out splendour of the closing, epic title track, “About Time” is an album of beautifully crafted songs executed with maximum imagination and a whole lot of denim-clad love, even touching upon the radio-friendly sheen of Moog-laced AOR on the irresistibly funky “Boston Gold”. HORISONT are ready to conquer the world with these magical new anthems and delivered one hell of a first release on new label home Century Media.

Titel About Time
Gatefold clear LP [LP]
Century Media Records

About Time by Horisont Gatefold black LP 03.02.2017
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About Time by Horisont Special Edition CD Digipak 03.02.2017
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