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II: Black Armoured Death (white LP)

: Death Wolf
: LP
: 18.02.2013

The white vinyl version is strictly limited and only available at our cmdistro webshop.

The second chapter in the band’s history starts with DEATH WOLF’s brand new album “II: Black Armoured Death”. Rounded off by a striking coverartwork that perfectly catches the spirit of their music, the wolves are well prepared for making you all howl for more: bare, nasty and horrid black punk rock with a dash of darkened metal. The second DEATH WOLF opus will include 13 tracks that presenting a heavy increase in diversity. While the band’s debut was still paying homage to Glenn Danzig’s legendary acts the sound of the upcoming record is way more independent, self-confident and dynamic. “II: Black Armoured Death” offers a wide musical spectrum fans of sinister punk as well as metalheads with a soft spot for all things gloomy and energetic will instantly embrace. Singer Maelstrom nowadays broadened his Danzig-impersonation with some raging shouting resulting in a more intense and powerful listening experience. Besides some obviously Danzig-influenced material there are also some short sharp shocks like “Sudden Bloodletter”, “World Serpent” and the blistering title track which will grab you by the neck due to its super-catchy chorus and untamed, bestial aggression which refers to more traditional hardcore or even thrash metal.

Titel II: Black Armoured Death (white LP)
Death Wolf
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