Attera Totus Sanctus Re-issue + bonus

: Dark Funeral
: CD
: 25.11.2013
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After recently signing to Century Media Records for their upcoming new studio album, DARK FUNERAL now present you a series of stunning reissues of their previous six albums which offer melodic yet blasting satanic hymns in absolute perfection and are released alongside the band’s 20th anniversary!

Originally released in 2005, “Attera Totus Sanctus” is the much celebrated fourth album by DARK FUNERAL and was created during the probably toughest period in the band’s history overshadowed by legal troubles and various line-up issues. The result is an extremely personal opus containing such future live staples as “King Antichrist”, the epic “Atrum Regina” or “666 Voices Inside”. This reissue features two rare Japan bonus tracks plus six fantastic live tracks (live tracks are only included on the midprice CD) recorded in South America in 2003 alongside detailed liner notes, reworked artworks, rare photos and remastered sound!

Titel Attera Totus Sanctus Re-issue + bonus
Dark Funeral
Century Media Records

Disc 1
01. King Antichrist (04:42)
02. 666 Voices Inside (04:38)
03. Attera Totus Sanctus (05:38)
04. Godhate (05:07)
05. Atrum Regina (05:33)
06. Angel Flesh Impaled (05:54)
07. Feed On The Mortals (05:41)
08. Final Ritual (05:44)
09. Atrum Regina (instrumental) (05:33)
10. Open The Gates (2005 version) (04:22)
11. The Arrival Of Satan's Empire (Live in South America) (03:35)
12. An Apprentice Of Satan (Live in South America) (05:30)
13. The Dawn No More Rises (Live in South America) (03:27)
14. The Secrets Of The Black Arts (Live in South America) (03:34)
15. Vobiscum Satanas (Live in South America) (04:19)
16. Ineffable King Of Darkness (Live in South America) (02:54)
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