Kein Parkplatz vor Aldi

: CD
: 24.07.2015

“Captain Angst and the Divers are all you need!”, is how despotic band leader Captain Angst points out from the get-go, referring to one of the band’s new tunes. “We hate all bands, we give a shit about music – we are the new drug, the new invasion.” Alright, sounds like a proper conceptual directive for this band, which can be quickly described as one third fun project, another third tribute to some of history’s worst movies ever and the last third consisting of rocking, kick-ass Trashpunk that takes nothing serious, including the band itself. Formed in 2009 and (in)famous for their single “Haie in der Luft” for the movie “Sharknado 2”, Captain Angst and his minions now present their first full-length offering all the trailer-songs, German fans know from TV channel Tele 5’s “SchleFaZ” series, which presents the most horrible movies ever. So, have a good time with this trashy, highly entertaining album!

Titel Kein Parkplatz vor Aldi
Captain Angst And The Deadly Divers
People Like You Records