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Even Death May Die (black 7Inch) 7 Inch Vinyl
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I Am Nemesis (Special Edition)

I Am Nemesis (Special Edition) Caliban CD 06.02.2012 I 55324

“You gotta be fucking kiddin’ me!?” – is the simple, but striking first line of “We Are The Many”, the opening track of CALIBAN’s new opus “I Am Nemesis”. This question runs like a common thread throughout their new studio album which addresses the downsides of humanity: loss and fear, greed and avarice, lies and deceit, madness and loss of control.

The Special Edition of the album as well as a strictly limited box set will come with CALIBAN’s very own cover versions of songs that were influential to the band. They are the logical follow-up to their “Coverfield-EP” incl. covers of Mötley Crüe, Rammstein, Six Feet Under, Misfits, At The Gates, Pink Floyd, Anthrax as well as a remix for “Edge Of Black”.

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