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Even Death May Die (black 7Inch) 7 Inch Vinyl
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Mitglied im Händlerbund

Tinnitus + Live Live In Paris

Tinnitus + Live Live In Paris Backyard Babies 2 CD I 51161

Remember the first time you heard a rock band that was so exciting, you just had to share their music with everyone you knew? Whether it was The Ramones or AC/DC or Guns n Roses makes no difference, it became your mission to blast those righteous sounds upon unsuspecting ears. Prepare to relive that experience with the BACKYARD BABIES -a raw tattoo that rocks sonically with brazen heart and voluminous punch. We submit for your approval the double CD set Tinnitus + Live Live in Paris, an ear ringing, mirrored shades and mascara rock riot. A compilation of tracks from each BYB album to date and a tremendous live gig, recorded May 2004 in Paris. Tinnitus + Live Live in Paris is an overdue introduction to one of rocks unsung diamonds, it combines experiences of the BACKYARD BABIES' teenage years listening to The Clash, Kiss, Dead Boys, Mtley Cre, The Stooges, Hanoi Rocks and the Rolling Stones with the rock n' roll circus experiences gained as a touring band. More importantly, the unrel

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