Beneath The Surface

: Alpha Tiger
: CD
: 28.01.2013
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Germany’s ALPHA TIGER are living proof for the fact that traditional heavy metal does not necessarily need to be created by elderly people and the band’s hard-hitting second album (and Century Media debut) “Beneath The Surface” kicks rusty rockers out of their wheelchairs with its remarkably fresh take on early Helloween and Queensryche – perfect metal pleasure guaranteed! Ultimately, classic idols and fresh blood unite in ALPHA TIGER resulting in a first class heavy metal inferno entitled “Beneath The Surface”. Now for god’s sake - bang your head!

Titel Beneath The Surface
Alpha Tiger
Century Media Records

Disc 1
01. Intro (01:48)
02. The Alliance (06:11)
03. From Outer Space (04:37)
04. Waiting For A Sign (06:33)
05. Beneath The Surface (05:38)
06. Along The Rising Sun (04:03)
07. Eden Lies in Ruins (07:42)
08. Rain (06:54)
09. Crescent Moon (07:20)
10. We Came From The Gutter (05:54)