Wild Light

: CD
: 16.09.2013
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The highly anticipated new studio album by 65DAYSOFSTATIC is a post rock/electronica opus where the music leads the game. There is no order but chaos. All that matters is to listen. If it sings to you, let it. If it keeps you up all night, let it.

Produced by Dave Sanderson (Jim Jones Revue, Hey Sholay, Little Man Tate) and the band themselves, mixed by Tony Doogan (Belle and Sebastien/Mogwai) and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road by Frank Arkwright.

The artwork by Caspar Newbolt of Version Industries (Louis CK, Alessandro Cortini, Daft Punk, Big Black Delta) is as inscrutable and terrifying as the record is cinematic and wide.

Titel Wild Light
Superball Music

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Disc 1
01. Heat Death Infinity Splitter (05:06)
02. Prisms (05:58)
03. The Undertow (06:33)
04. Blackspots (06:51)
05. Sleepwalk City (08:10)
06. Taipei (06:00)
07. Unmake the Wild Light (06:24)
08. Safe Passage (05:55)
Wild Light by 65daysofstatic CD 16.09.2013
8,99 €
incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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